Saturday, 7 April 2012

Indian Realty Sector

Indian Real Estate Market has grown with time. The main reason for the accelerated growth can be contributed to the fact that the industry is very flexible in nature. The development has caused higher aspirations for better standards of living and a good quality of life.
India properties is on the verge of becoming one of the fast-growing economies, driven by many factors including multinational entrepreneurialism, buoyant local stock markets, robust economy-changing demographics and the overall emergence of India on the global stage. With great demand for housing for India's huge population and for commercial and industrial premises for its booming economy, large-scale real estate projects were launched across the whole country. This transformed the real estate business into one of the most lucrative sectors in the country. A sector which attracted venture capital, and diversified sources of funding including overseas, and private domestic funds and private equity funds. To create an environment friendly to foreign investors, foreign direct investment to up to 100 per cent was allowed in 2005 in townships, built-up housing and construction development projects with the liberalisation of FDI regulations. The inflow of funding catalysed the organised development. However, in 2008, the global meltdown in real estate produced a corresponding downturn in the Indian real estate sector.
Investment in realty and Infrastructure firms like GMR and Hindustan Construction Company, HCC have announced to set up university campuses and other educational institutes within India. They mainly aim to ride high on the huge returning education industry.
Real estate whether Residential, Commercial, Retail is being developed on full scale in many different cities of the country. The large number of people getting education in India will demand over 100 million sq feet of office and industrial spaces. More so, India has been a host to Fortune 500 companies which in turn attract more companies to make this country their operational base which will also require more office space in future.
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