Friday, 31 August 2012

Casario - Palava City

The future is here. And its name is Palava. A city taking shape today, for the citizens of tomorrow. A city that has been envisioned, planned and built in the mind before the first brick was laid. A city that combines man's finest design and engineering skills with nature's matchless beauty, showcasing the best of both.

Strategically set at the junction of Navi Mumbai and Dombivali, Palava is visualised to become the biggest ever personal, fully planned development in urban Asian country, and one in all the top 50 places to measure in the world by 2020. By then, Palava will extend over an enormous five acres, ranking as Maharashtra's initial mega-city. a section of 2,200 acres is already earmarked for development in the initial section, to be completed over consequent 8 years. In time, Palava are home to over one lac residents.
They will live in a town more stunning, more leisurely, more with efficiency run than they could have ever fanciful. Palava's casario far-sighted designing encompasses the wants of its voters both now and in the future, with extra wide roads, easy water and power provide, a spotlight on high-quality security and civic administration, luxury homes for all, and an amazing social, educational and business infrastructure that covers every want, from play schools to international universities, a fireplace station to multi-speciality hospitals, gardens to golf courses, small-business offices to SEZs. All designed, planned, enforced and maintained by the best names in the business.
With its own Central business district, developed over two hundred acres, Lodha Palava will offer over a pair of.5 lac professionals their alternative of employment. In luxurious, fully-equipped office complexes that square measure home to global IT and ITES firms, monetary institutions and other companies.
Palava: close to the city, nevertheless in an exceedingly world of its own .
Just a 15 minute drive from company hubs in Navi Mumbai like DAKC, Siemens, MIDC and Capgemini, a 25 minute drive from Thane, and 8 km. from the cosmopolitan, connected suburb of Dombivali, Palava boasts an excellent location. placed on the 6-lane Kalyan-Shil Road, it is conjointly a twenty minute drive from the planned new international landing field. And a short leave from Nilje depot, on the Diva-Panvel traveler line.
Navi Mumbai and Dombivali :Cosmopolitan, highly literate, connected
Navi Mumbai is a apace growing hub - a fully planned town with an economical integrated multi-modal transport system, home to several reputed Indian and international companies like L&T, SAIL, geographic area Lever and great japanese Shipping, and a bunch of monetary institutions together with the bank of Asian country, UTI and IDBI. Navi Mumbai properties is also proud to own over two hundred schools and 51 schools.
Dombivali is Maharashtra's initial fully-literate town, with over 36 junior schools and one hundred schools. therefore while you live in an exceedingly self-sustaining haven, you can also have all the benefits of a modern, cosmopolitan hub, just 8 kms. away.
A depot simply a leave
An easy stroll gets you from Palava to Nilje depot, along the Diva-Panvel railway line. supplying you with easy property to diva and, from there, on to Thane and Central Time.
Besides, Palava has its own bus company, taking you from home to Dombivali station in an exceedingly moment.
Work: simply a leave from home
Living in Palava, you'll be therefore close to your place of work, you may probably return for lunch. giant company houses, SEZs and office complexes square measure already thriving in Palava's neck of the woods, and as families move in to begin an exquisite life, professional and business opportunities will solely grow.

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